Pre Contest Grooming Tips

Watch now for beard & mustache grooming and shaping tips for big events! Stephen Condon of Bossman Brands explains how to shape and groom your beard and mustache for parties, dates, or any special occasion.

For starters, you need a good and straight cut! Get a good straight razor and get that line going perfectly so that judges would be impressed. You should impress the judges by your outfit for the second step! You should know that the judges are super picky and you should be very careful! Of course the most important part is your beard! Make sure you trim your beard perfectly. So what should you do for a good-looking and healthy beard?

The Bossman says he personally likes to use heavy beard oil or beard balm before he cuts just because it weighs it down and brings all the hair all the way down so he has a good line to cut. Bossman suggests the Bossman’s Beard Jelly for this step. Then he uses Bossman’s Boar Hair & Nylon Bristle Brush to pull that beard down. In this step don’t forget the back of your beard, he says it is important because it looks full when you do that. When you get the line he is talking about it will be easy to cut your beard straight.

And now it is time to cut your beard! Bossman says you should cut it down from the sideburns down to your jawline. When you are done with it, you should do the bottom of the beard. This part is important because it’s going to create the whole shape of the beard! Make sure you’re comfortable doing it. The Bossman likes to go from back to front when he makes his cuts and he would like to create his jawline basically lower. For the last step you should shape your mustache! Bossman says he also uses a product for his mustache, he suggests Bossman’s MUDstache wax for this step. You are now ready to impress that judge!