How to Train Your Mustache using Bossman MUDstache Training Wax

Stephen Condon, the creator of Bossman Brands, explains to you how to remove that unruly mustache out of your lips so you may kiss and eat ASAP! He uses Bossman's MUDstache Training Wax, the only water-based mustache wax on the market.

Bossman's MUDstache Training Wax makes training and styling your'stache easier than ever! Other mustache waxes require you to heat it before you can remove it from the can. Stephen Condon, a.k.a the Bossman, developed a water-based mustache wax to eliminate this problem. Now it is super easy to get it out of the can, it lasts all day and when you want to get it off it washes right out!

How to use it: 

Get pea size MUDstache Training Wax easily from the can. Put it in the middle of your mustache, get it under and move the product all over your mustache. It’s gonna look white at first, but that's just how it starts out! And now that you get it in, take your favorite mustache comb, work the wax from the middle to the end. Little more you flatten your comb, it’ll push that stuff out, and don’t forget the other side! Leave it for a little while, in the end for a natural look, you can use Bossman’s Boar Hair & Nylon Bristle Brush and you are ready to go!

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