Bossman Brands founder Stephen Condon teaches you how to make the perfect Handle Bar mustache for those special occasions. If you’re getting married, if you have a beard competition coming you’ll need these tips for your sweet mustache. 

Get ready to twist and curl your way to that styled mustache. 

Shaping the handle bar mustache

The Handlebar is a retro favorite. To achieve this look, let your mustache grow until it's over your upper lip. Then using mustache wax and a comb, part your hair over the middle of your lip.

Basically, spread the wax over your whole mustache (use the comb and a blow-dryer), then twist the ends up into a curl. For a tighter curl, use the end of a pencil or pen.

In the video, Stephen says he does like to use a little bit of Bossman Mud Stache Wax to get ready to start this process.

  • You can use whatever hairspray you want to use. Spray the hairspray fingertips, not your mustache right away. And get that hairspray all the way through and start that hardening process. 
  • Start from the middle and get to the sides. 
  • Use your hairdryer to get your curls. It takes a little time, so be patient.
  • Then get some more hairspray and keep curling. Even if some will fall up out of the place, just keep squirting in your fingers and keep going. 
  • When you finish one side, do the same process for the other side.

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