Our Story

Our founder Stephen Condon, started growing his beard out long before the beard craze and noticed his beard was thicker than average and it was such a pain to grow and especially manage. First with the dreaded “beard itch”, to the actual beard drying out it was time to make a move. Having a degree in marketing and branding, In 2013 Stephen saw the lightbulb and realized this was the perfect opportunity to jump ahead of the men’s grooming product industry and start formulating Bossman products. After perfecting the perfect beard-care line, Stephen found formulating products for men was a true passion and started designing products for everything a real Bossman may need. Not only beard, Bossman has an array of top-notch products that tackle every inch of the body from beard to body. This full line varies from beard care, to skin care, to hair care.


Bossman products aren’t your run of the mill cookie-cutter grooming products. Stephen makes sure every product is an innovative product that one-ups any competition or just a product no one has ever thought about making. Products such as “Jelly Beard Oil”, Colotion Aromatic Lotion, to a Cooling Caffeinated After-Shave, Bossman products are original as they come with a specific purpose.


Bossman products are not “home-brewed” in some unregulated basement or random facility. All ingredients are responsibly sourced, formulated in an authorized lab, and manufactured in a 100% fully licensed facility to ensure the best quality for our customers.


We always put our customers first, which is why if you ever decide you dislike a product, we will refund your money, no questions asked. We just believe that’s the way business should be done.