Introducing The World’s First Jelly Beard Oil

In this educational and short video, Bossman Brands founder Stephen Condon introduces us to the first Jelly Beard Oil in the World!

Bossman Jelly Beard Oil is a one-of-a-kind product that lasts LONGER and performs BETTER than regular beard oil. Jelly Beard Oil readily performs the functions of both an oil and a balm due to its enhanced viscosity and the moisturizing characteristics of high grade essential oils. It is a game-changing product! It is basically two-in-one. It is thin enough to get down into your pores but it’s thick enough to last all day like a beard balm. Unlike most beard oils, this product comes in a convenient squeeze bottle.

How to use it: 

Just like beard oil, you should warm it up in your hands, apply it to your cheeks and scratch it in! Do not forget, getting it into your pores is very important. You should work it all the way to the end of the beard, use your Bossman comb or brush and you are ready to roll!