Austin’s most iconic mural was the victim of what appears to be the beginning of a spree. As students began arriving on campus this morning, several reports were made about the “Hi, how are you?” Frog being vandalized. Better known as Jeremiah the innocent. This Austin pop culture icon has resided at 21st and Guadalupe since 1993. Jeremiah’s popularity and tenure is a testament to Austin’s love of music. When students were asked what they thought about Jeremiah the frog’s new beard, many were just plain “unhoppy”.


Witnesses shared this picture of Jeremiah today in which he appears to now have a big red beard. The words “Kill the Trend” were also painted across the mural, leading authorities to believe today’s act was in connection with the vandalism of the “I love you so muchwall over the weekend.


When police arrived to investigate, they found an empty spray paint can, which they are analyzing for fingerprints and BNA


Also left at the scene was a mysterious bottle containing an unidentified blend of aromatic essential oils and pure testosterone. The officer handling this product reported his 5 o’clock shadow appearing at 8:30am for no apparent reason. image

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The vandalism appears to again be the work of the group called Bossman Brands. Authorities are asking for your help in identifying these men and answering the question, what does “kill the trend” mean?

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