If you're looking to try something new, the goatee beard style is a great, easy trade-off between a mustache and a full beard. It’s a sleek look - for men whose mustache and chin beard connect, of course. A goatee style is convenient for men who are still experimenting. There are many types of goatee styles. So, you don’t have to rush to a decision based only on the looks you already know.

If your beard and mustache are not connected, perhaps you should consider other styles; maybe a stubble look will be a perfect fit for you. If your facial hair has what it takes to undertake the goatee beard style, some preparing beforehand will help you get the most out of this smooth look. So, let your beard grow about 10 mm in length, and let's get you trimmed up.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to nail the goatee beard style.


How to Grow a Goatee

How to Grow a Goatee

Growing your goatee starts just like any other beard style. You have to grow it out a certain length. Be patient, you'll have to go through the patchy stage, and you will have to endure the itching in the first few days. But we're not worried about that - you've got what it takes. Use beard oil during that time as your best ally to eliminate that itch and speed up the hair's growth process. 


How to Trim a Goatee

Step 1: Let your beard grow to 10 mm.   

Using a 1-10 mm comb guard, begin trimming the hair on your neck, cheeks, and above your lip. Focus on your chin and mustache area while working down in 0.5 mm stages to ensure the length is even across your beard. 

At this point, don’t worry too much about the shape of your goatee beard. All the extra craftsmanship will occur after your overall facial hair is at a length you can work with.


Step 2: Remove the comb guard to define the contour. 

Remove the comb guard and use the beard trimmer directly to start defining your goatee beard style. Trim gently, working from the neck to your chin’s edges, then move on to your cheeks and upper lip until you reach your desired goatee shape. Beyond this point, everything should start shaping up already, and you’ll be able to see your goatee beard style coming to life.


Step 3: Shape your Goatee with a precision trimmer.

Now onto the details. Begin by trimming the hair from your chin, working toward the ear to achieve precise, clean lines on both sides of your cheeks. 

Use continuous, gentle strokes. Trimming away from the hairline helps prevent you from unintentionally shaving into the beard outline you've just created, which would ruin the style. Do this to the left and right edges of the goatee. Double-check if each side is evenly trimmed. 

Once you’re satisfied with both sides, you can add sharp edges to the style for a more intense look. Be careful around the area where both sides connect to the mustache and down to the chin. Sharp and neat lines will help define your beard, giving you that Hollywood beard style and look.


Step 4: Clean shave your face to accentuate your goatee.

Move on to clean shave your cheeks, neck, and jawline. For a sleek, hassle-free shave and polish, you can use a Bossman double edge razor. Prep your skin by dabbling warm water on it and apply a shaving foam. 

Shave against the grain using single, unbroken strokes until the area outside your goatee is hair-free and smooth. Double-check the area under your chin, making sure you don’t shave into the outline as this edge is an essential feature of the whole look.


Step 5: Moisturize your goatee beard.

Now that you’ve got the goatee style you've been dreaming of, rinse your face and use an alcohol-free moisturizer to prevent post-shave dryness. That's it; you’re all set. 


How to Maintain a Goatee

maintain a goatee

Happy with your goatee? All you need to do now is watch out for those stray hairs, especially around your mustache area. Try trimming your beard at least once a week to keep that neat, crafted look. 

Washing your goatee with a conditioner every 2-3 days will also help to keep it fresh and well-groomed. Moreover, depending on how fast your facial hair grows, beard balm and jelly beard oil can help to tame it. After all, a fabulous beard design such as the goatee deserves all the care it can get.


Key Takeaway 

There are a few reasons why we think men should grow a goatee. It’s pretty easy to grow one, no matter what style you want. Goatee beard styles are ideal for men who can’t grow a full beard but still want to experiment.

However, don’t think that just because they are short and easy to grow, they don’t need any maintenance. Your goatee will grow very fast, and if you don’t stay on top of the trimming, it will lose its shape and leave you with a messy look.

Remember always to trim and style your goatee when completely dry. If you try to trim it while damp, you may shave off too much and ruin the look.


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