Colotion 4 - Pack (Stagecoach, Royal Oud, The Gatsby, Vetiver X)

Sale price$45.00
Size: 4-Pack

What people are saying about Bossman Colotion

from Steven T.

I Am Hooked - Be careful, this stuff is addicting. Since I like all of the scents and couldn't decide which to get, I got the 3-in-1 pack. No oily, greasy residue; rubs right in and the smell lasts all day. Love this stuff!

from Erik W.

I balked for months on trying the Colotion. But I finally pulled the trigger and got the Royal Oud scent. It’s outstanding! Now when the wife and daughters come home and give me a hug I don’t get anymore “whew! You’re a stinky daddy”. Do yourself a favor get the colotion sample pack and pick your favorite and get some.

from Rick D.

Bossman did it again- First off let me say I have been using Bossman beard oil and balm for a few months now and I gotta say it is my main go to. The jelly is amazing and I love the consistency of the balm. That being said, I was intrigued when I found out about the colotion after I saw their YouTube video for it. I don’t use cologne or body spray typically because I don’t like to spray chemicals on myself and I tend to get an irritating rash from most of them. This colotion is a game changer cause I can smell good for my wife now. It feels good on the skin, the scent lasts most of the day and my tattoos even look more vibrant. I got the three pack with one of each. My favorite is the Royal Oud because the scent is nice and subtle and the Vetiver is a close second. The Gatsby isn’t really my style cause it’s very cologne like but not bad by any means (It’s actually my wife’s favorite of the three). I highly recommending these especially for dudes with sensitive skin like myself.

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