What is Beard Jelly or Jelly Beard Oil and why is it amazing, is a question we get all the time. So let's dive in, but first a little history.

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Long ago before the World Beard & Moustache Championships & the Art of Manliness, men discovered the blessing of the beard. In ancient Roman culture, a boy’s first shave was a special event for the entire family. So much so, that young Roman boys would massage olive oil into their facial hair as it began to grow, hoping for a thicker, nicer beard to have at their first shave ceremony.

Macassar Oil

Jump forward to 1860 and something called Macassar Oil was en vogue, as men began to style their newly minted beards and mustaches. This type of lubricant became a necessity for most men of the time. The Macassar Oil was a thick mix of coconut oil, palm oil and ylang-ylang oil. Among the many positive benefits, the main problem was it was so viscous that it would rub off irrevocably on furniture and upholstery.


Upholstery annihilation became so pervasive that a new product (yay capitalism), the antimacassar emerged. The antimacassar, which was essentially a small, washable cloth placed over the back of a chair/furniture to protect the upholstery from the oil. This is the part that blows my mind. Instead of changing the product or stop using it, they made a new product to offset the negative caused by the product purchased. Wild! Again, yay capitalism.

The Discovery of Beard Jelly

Ok, let’s take another leap forward to the 1930s, where modernized versions of beard oil leveraged lightweight oils like grape seed, argan, jojoba and almond oil.

Now finally approaching modern day. As the gospel of beards has been spreading pervasively since 2006, oils and other beard grooming products have re-entered the zeitgeist. With no innovation for 160 years in beard oil, Stephen Condon took it upon himself to better, not just his beard, but to better every beard! Stephen rejected the status quo of beard oil.

In 2015, after years of perilous experiments (none on roosters), he unlocked a miracle for man manes everywhere, beard jelly. He formally calls it, Jelly Beard Oil with a nod to all the beards that came before who never were able to witness this victory for humanity.

What is Beard Jelly?

The most incredible part about the jelly beard oil, you ask? Stephen found a way to transfer all the benefits of beard oil into jelly. Furthermore, he formulated the jelly to stimulate growth, promote thickness and provide all day moisture. Obvious next question, will you need a antimacassar?

Absolutely not, the jelly beard oil was designed to eliminate the greasy feeling of traditional beard oils. Lastly, because the jelly beard oil's thicker viscosity it can penetrate deep into the beard to form a robust bond to hair follicles and skin pores, trapping in moisture for a luscious and flowing beard all day long.

Jelly Beard Oil has shown that it has the ability to eliminate beard itch, beardruff, and more, while keeping you smelling like a boss all day long. After the first use, you will understand why they invented the antimacassar. Because when a product is that damn good, you’ll do anything to keep using it. Luckily, with jelly beard oil, an antimacassar is not needed.

6 Sensational Scents

beard jelly + box six scents

Oh one more thing! Stephen would kill me if I didn’t mention Bossman Jelly Beard Oil is the only Jelly Beard Oil on the market and comes in 6 sensational scents: Royal Oud (my fave), Stagecoach (best seller), Magic, Hammer, Gold & Naked.

Below is a video of Stephen explaining the creation story and genesis of Jelly Beard Oil!

P.S. Should we convince Stephen into making a Bossman Branded antimacassar 😀?

P.P.S. If you haven't already, check out Build Your Own Kit page. The more you buy the less you pay 🚀.