Since the beginning of time, men have grown beards for many reasons. The first men grew beards to keep themselves warm, while in ancient Greece, it was considered a sign of respect.

Today, growing a flowing beard has become more of a red-carpet movement. More men are starting to care about how their beard looks and feels, which has spurred the development of beard grooming products. So, if you are looking to upgrade your beard game, you need to invest in some beard care products to get there.

But where to start? There are so many products to choose from- there is beard oil, beard wax, beard conditioner, beard shampoo, and beard pomade. While the uses of trimmers and combs are common, most men are oblivious to what the use of pomade on their beards can accomplish.

The cycle ends here! Beard pomades have many potential benefits. If you have a medium to long beard, you should use a pomade on your facial hair. Pomades will help supply your hair and skin with the necessary nutrients to get a healthy and lustrous beard.

What Is Beard Pomade?

What Is Beard Pomade

A beard pomade is a conditioning grooming product with a lotion-like texture. It relaxes the hair enough for you to style it and achieve a particular look.

Pomades are usually petroleum/oil-based or water-based. Most pomades you will come across are petroleum-based so that they will have wax-like consistency. Petroleum-based pomades last longer on your beard - even after washing. This and the fact that you do not need to use a lot of it to get results makes it easy for you to maintain a certain look.

Water-based pomades are soluble in water and are usually much lighter in consistency. While their texture and hold may be similar to that of oil/petroleum-based pomades, they don't typically last on the board, which means you have to re-apply the product at some point if you're looking for extra hold. However, one advantage is that they are less likely to cause breakouts on the skin under the facial hair.

Ultimately, whatever type of beard pomade you plan on getting is up to you. But the end goal is to give you more control of your beard so that you can style it easily.

Benefits of Beard Pomades 

For men that have yet to include a beard pomade into their grooming routine, the key question is, why use beard pomade? Isn't beard oil enough? The answer to this is that it helps you achieve a great-looking beard style with little work. In other words, a beard pomade will make sure your beard is well-nourished and remains tame throughout the day. 

1. Prevents Beardruff

Dandruff on the Beard

Every man has seen dandruff fall from their heads at some point in their lives - you know, the white flaky skin. Well, your beard gets them too. They're called beardruff. Your skin naturally produces an oil called sebum. This oil sustains the skin as well as hair follicles. However, as your beard grows, depending on how much sebum your skin produces, this natural lubricant may not be enough to nourish your facial hair. The result? Dry, irritable, and flaky skin. While the ingredients in most pomades do not contain sebum, they carry natural features that closely imitate the skin’s sebum production. The moisturizing abilities of pomade ensure your beard and the skin underneath stay nourished and healthy, which in turn stops flaking.

2. Protects Beard From Elements

When exposed to elements, such as the cold, prolonged sun exposure, and intense humidity, it affects the integrity and health of your beard. But thanks to some ingredients used in most pomades, your beard is granted a thin protective layer against these elements.

3. Makes Styling Easy

Pomade Makes Styling Easy

The ingredients in the pomade, such as oils and butter, will moisturize the facial hair, relaxing it to its softest point. What can you do with a soft beard? You can manipulate and style however you see fit. Since the modern beard wave focuses on appearance, including pomade to your grooming routine will ensure that your beard is always neat and well-held. 

4. Promotes Healthy Beard Growth

The soap you use on your beard or even the temperature of your showers affects the health of your beard hair. To make sure you grow a strong, flowing beard, you need to pay attention to what you use on your beard. Pomade can help solve problems like split ends and reduce breakage. The end result? A soft, flowing, and healthy beard without tangles and coils.

How to Use Beard Pomade?

For best results, try to use pomade on washed and dry facial hair. So, first things first, wash and dry your beard. It is best to use a beard soap or a beard conditioner that will not strip you of sebum. (We recommend The All-Natural Exfoliating Beard, Hair & Body Bar Soap & Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner)

  1. Use a coin-sized amount and rub it between your palms before slowly working your fingers through the beard to apply the product. 
  1. Apply the pomade starting from your neck near the chin. This will make sure the pomade reaches the skin under your beard and nourishes it as well as the hair. Proceed to gently massage the pomade into your beard to make sure it's evenly distributed (that includes the jawline, cheeks, and mustache).

NOTE: Be gentle! Too much pressure when massaging the beard can cause the beard to flatten, which may prevent you from styling as you usually would. Use a beard comb to get the pomade to all sections of your facial hair.

Beard pomades can stay on until you take that next shower. However, if you are using a petroleum-based pomade, we recommend washing it out before bedtime to let the pores breathe and prevent irritation.

How often you use pomade will depend on the status of your beard. Those with dry beards may need to apply it up to twice a day to get the full moisturizing benefits, while others may only need it once a day. Your beard’s thickness and length will also determine how much product to use and how often.


If you just started growing out your beard or are looking to improve your beard game, you need to add pomade into your routine and know-how to apply it to enjoy all its benefits. As you've discovered, it is very easy to use pomade on your beard. Just make sure to take the time to research the product before committing. After identifying the goals for your beard, search for a pomade with the right ingredients to achieve that goal.