Thanks to Movember and celebrities rocking facial hair, mustache styling is back.


Most men want to look like Burt Reynolds when they grow their mustaches, but all types of mustache styles are experiencing a grand revival. Today, most men in Hollywood have rocked a mustache at one point or another.


For the rest of us lesser folks, mustaches are easing their way into everyday life. But why are so many men still intimidated by facial hair?


It might be because of the variety of styles to choose from. You could maintain a full handlebar mustache, or choose a classic like the Chevron mustache style.


It could also be the fear of going for a Sam Elliot look but ending up with a porn 'stache.


Whatever it is that's holding you back, don't worry. We've created the ultimate guide on mustache styling. Keep reading to find out what mustache works for you, and how to make it happen.


Our ultimate guide on how to style your mustache is structured into two sections: first, we're going to give you everything that you need to grow your facial hair and style it the way that you want, and then we're going to cover the different mustache styles and how to properly achieve them.


The Basics of Mustache Styling

It doesn't matter what kind of mustache you're going for if you don't have the basics down. These are the building blocks of great mustache styling.


Growing Your Mustache

Good facial hair starts with a rich diet and proper nutrition to support facial hair growth.


The Proper Diet for Facial Hair Growth

Facial hair growth is largely influenced by testosterone. So, eat plenty of foods that are rich in lean proteins such as chicken, biotin or omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon or avocado. Make sure to also include foods that can compensate for an iron deficiency such as the liver.


Some of the most common mineral deficiencies that will inhibit hair growth are Zinc, Magnesium, and Iron, so consider adding foods such as nuts, chickpeas, and oysters to boost facial hair growth.

And lastly, eat lots of foods that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E such as your typical fruits and vegetables to grow strong hair.

If getting all these foods in your diet seems complicated and you want an easy solution, then check out our affordable facial hair growth supplement that covers all your nutritional needs.


Exfoliate Your Face to Unclog Hair Follicles

Exfoliating your face once or twice a week will help remove dead skin cells. This will keep your face clean and unclog your hair follicles.


Stay Hydrated

Above all, stay hydrated! Nothing about your body works well if you're dehydrated, including your facial hair. The average male needs to drink about 3.7 liters of water per day, or about 1 gallon of liquids to stay hydrated.


Buy Some Good Wax

Mustache wax keeps your facial hair looking sharp instead of unkempt. That's why you need to invest in a good pot of mustache wax. Remember to use it with a light touch, or your mustache will look fake.

 mustache styles: wax your mustache

Train Your Mustache Hairs

Have you ever tried to move the part in your hair from one side to the other? It takes a while for your hair to get used to its new location on your head. That's because you've trained your hair to lay in a certain way.

You have to do the same thing with your mustache. Depending on your mustache style, comb it in the direction you want it to lay every morning. For example, if you're going for a handlebar mustache you need to train it to part down the middle.

Using a combing over and wax will help train your mustache, but it still might take a while.

If you want an easy, all-in-one kit that will give you access to everything you need to style, trim, and train your mustache then check out any of our beard kits.



Keep Your Mustache Clean and Moisturized

Shampooing and moisturizing your facial hair will keep it soft and clean. It will also help you avoid that annoying dandruff at the edges of your mustache.

Use beard oil to keep your facial hair soft and easy to manage. Your skin will appreciate the extra care. Plus, your girlfriend won't complain anymore about rough hair.


Use a Blow Dryer for Maximum Effect

Blow dryers can help you get the mustache you've always wanted. This tool gives your facial hair volume and makes it easier to style.

  • 1. Use the blow dryer to heat up your mustache wax so that you can work with it.
  • 2. Style your mustache the way you want it to look.
  • 3. Switch the blow-dryer to cool air.
  • 4. Use cool air to dry the wax into the perfect shape.


    The Best Mustache Styles and How to Style Different Mustaches

    Before you get started on growing out your hair, find out what mustache looks best with your face shape. Then check out these tips on mustache styling.


    The Chevron Mustache Style

    chevron mustache style

    The Chevron mustache style is also known as the Selleck mustache (nicknamed after Tom Selleck). It works best with straight hair. The Chevron mustache style is also a good way to make coarse hair look neat because it can create a thick, straight and full look.

    To achieve a perfect Chevron Mustache style: grow out your mustache until it brushes the top of your upper lip. Then trim your facial hair so that there's a neat line following the upper part of your cheek lines and mouth.


    The Cowboy Mustache Style

    Cowboy Mustache Style

    The Cowboy is the mustache style worn by Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation.

    It's a longer, unkempt version of the Chevron. Instead of trimming your mustache to the top of your lips, allow it to grow until it touches your bottom lip. You won't have to worry about keeping this style too neat but trim it up once in a while so you don't look lazy.


    The Handlebar Mustache Style

    Handlebar Mustache Style

    The Handlebar is a retro favorite and can be argued as one of the best mustache styles. To grow out the handlebar mustache style, let your mustache grow until it's over your upper lip. Then using mustache wax and a comb, part your hair over the middle of your lip.

    Spread the wax over your whole mustache (use the comb and a blow-dryer), then twist the ends up into a curl. For a tighter curl, use the end of a mustache comb and a pencil or pen.

    Check out more on our tips on how to style a Handlebar mustache. In the end, keep your handlebar mustache curled, twisted, and waxed.


    The Petite Handlebar Mustache Style

    Petite Handlebar Mustache Style

    The petite handlebar mustache is an easier-to-grow variation of the handlebar mustache. If you're struggling with facial hair growth, then the petite handlebar mustache is a good option because it's just a shorter version of the regular handlebar mustache.


    How to Groom and Style a Petite Handlebar Mustache

    Despite its small appearance, the petite handlebar mustache requires a lot of grooming.

    • 1. Trim the mustache above the top lip and around the philtrum to maintain a clean look.
    • 2. Frequently trim the hair on the outside of your mouth and beneath the handlebars.
    • 3. Trim frequently to keep the mustache short and clean.


    The Walrus Mustache Style

    Walrus Mustache Style

    If you want to channel the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt, then you want a Walrus mustache. The Walrus mustache style is iconic due to it's bushy, overhanging and long appearance.

    To master this look, you need the length of a Cowboy mustache and the styling of the relaxed Handlebar. Grow your mustache until it hangs over the edge of your lower lip. Keep the center of your facial hair trimmed, like scissors in a horseshoe shape.

    Then using wax, a comb, and a blow dryer, wrangle your facial hair into two equal parts. You can use the wax to turn the ends of your beard comb and your mustache up or let it hang.


    The Pencil Mustache Style

    Pencil Mustache Style

    The pencil mustache is a thin, narrowed and trimmed mustache style. If anyone wants to dismiss the Pencil mustache, remind them that Erol Flynn and Clark Gable wore this style.


    How to Style and Groom the Pencil Mustache

    The Pencil needs a lot of mustache styling. Trim your mustache above your lip, and part it down the middle. Then keep trimming the bottom until you achieve the thickness desired length of a pencil.

    Make sure to keep your style even. Crooked mustaches will look extra silly here.


    The Parted Pencil Mustache Style

    Parted Pencil Mustache Style

    The Parted Pencil mustache is a slight variation of the regular pencil mustache. The difference between the two is that to style the parted pencil mustache, start with a pencil mustache, then use an electric razor to clear the philtrum and create a hard part.


    The Dali Mustache Style

    Dali Mustache Style

    For an untraditional look, learn to groom the Dali mustache style. Named after the surrealist artist, the Dali is a Handlebar on steroids, known for its elongated, upturned and artistic look.


    Grow out your mustache the same way you'd grow a Handlebar. But instead of trimming it to match your upper lip, let it grow all the way to your chin. Then part it in half, and apply wax so that it sticks straight up.


    The Lampshade Mustache Style

    Lampshade Mustache Style

    The lampshade mustache is a popular and low-maintenance mustache to grow and style. The lampshade mustache was previously reserved for servicemen, both military and the police, earning it the nickname "the cop stache".


    According to regulations a servicemember's facial hair "cannot extend wider than the edge of the top lip, higher than lip line and the bottom of the nose, and the hair cannot touch the upper lip". This regulation results in the styling of a lampshade mustache by default.

    Recently, the Lampshade mustache was brought into the spotlight with Miles Teller's performance in Top Gun Maverick.


    How to Groom and Style a Lampshade Mustache

    The lampshade mustache is easy to style and groom.

    • 1. Give yourself 1-2 months to grow out your facial hair. 
    • 2. Trim around the upper lip so that the mustache doesn't cover any of it.
    • 3. Imagine a horizontal line at the bottom of your nose and trim any hair that crosses it.
    • 4. Imagine a vertical line at the edge of your mouth. Trim any hair that crosses it.


    The Painter's Brush Mustache Style

    Painter's Brush Mustache Style

    The painter's brush mustache was brought back into mainstream culture by the fictional character Ron Swanson. The painter's brush mustache earned its name because it looks like, well, a painter swiped their brush to create the mustache. Funny enough, Groucho Marx would actually paint on his painter's brush mustache.


    How to Style a Painter's Brush Mustache

    The painter's brush mustache is low maintenance. Just let your mustache grow out naturally while trimming the top lip and rounding the hairs on the outer edges.


    The English Mustache Style

    English Mustache Style

    The English mustache is a variation of the handlebar mustache. It is slightly shorter than a handlebar mustache, and instead of curling up, it is waxed out horizontally, rounded, full and is often a classic.


    How to Style an English Mustache

    The English mustache is one of the easier types of mustaches to style and grow.


    How to Grow an English Mustache

    Growing an English mustache can be done in the same way that a handlebar mustache is grown. Give yourself 3-4 months to achieve the proper length. As the English mustache is shorter than the Handlebar mustache, you won't need to grow it out for nearly as long.


    How to Groom an English Mustache

    The proper grooming technique for an English mustache starts with keeping the center of the mustache trimmed above the lips for a clean look. Some people choose to even create a hard part at the philtrum for a more noticeable style.


    There are 3 areas you will frequently need to trim in order to style an English mustache:

    • 1. It's important to keep the hair off of the top lip. You can either trim the hair off of the top lip or you can use a blow dryer to push it off.
    • 2. Keep the center of your mustache clean - whether it's a full trim right up the philtrum to create a hard part, or just the philtrum itself.
    • 3. You'll need to shave off the hairs at the outer corners of your mouth that are not a part of the English handlebar.


    The Hungarian Mustache Style

    Hungarian Mustache Style

    The Hungarian mustache is a mustache style that combines the Walrus mustache and Handlebar mustache to create a thick, curved, and elegant look. It was made famous by the Archduke of the Austria-Hungary Empire Franz Ferdinand and then brought into popular American culture through wild west actors like Wyatt Earp.



    Styling a Hungarian Mustache

    Styling a Hungarian mustache requires time, patience, and proper grooming techniques.


    How to Grow a Hungarian Mustache

    To style a proper Hungarian mustache you need enough facial hair, to begin with. So give your facial hair at least 4 months to grow.

    If you have amazing facial hair genetics it may take less time, and if you don't have great genetics, it could take a little longer.

    You will want the length of a traditional Walrus mustache, so avoid trimming or shaving during this growing period.

    Get rid of anything that might get in the way of your hair growth. This means keeping your face clean and moisturized to promote healthy hair growth. Beard oils will help prevent dry skin and itchiness while nourishing your hair follicles to promote accelerated growth.

    Once you have the proper length, the next step is to apply proper grooming techniques to train the hair.


    The Grooming Technique for a Hungarian Mustache

    Most of the grooming upkeep for the Hungarian mustache comes from training the hair follicles to grow the way you want them to.

    As your mustache gets longer, start to curl the end upwards using your thumb and index finger. However, it's important to avoid twisting the hair. Once the mustache starts curling the way you want it to, apply a high-hold wax to keep it in place.

    Over time, shave the stray hairs beneath the handles and outer corners of the full beard around your mouth until you have the desired Hungarian mustache.


    Common Moustache Styling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Mustache grooming is a delicate art, and it takes time and practice to perfect the look that best suits your facial features and personal style. However, there are some common mistakes that many mustache enthusiasts make, which can hinder their quest for a flawless appearance. In this piece, we will explore three of these errors and provide solutions to help you avoid them.


    Neglecting Regular Trims

    Mustache grooming requires time and practice to achieve the desired look. One common mistake many enthusiasts make is neglecting regular trims, leading to an unkempt appearance. To maintain a well-groomed mustache, establish a consistent trimming routine using high-quality grooming scissors.


    Using Inappropriate Products

    Another frequent error is using inappropriate grooming products or applying them incorrectly. To style your mustache effectively, choose products that suit your hair type and preferred style. Apply them evenly and sparingly to avoid weighing down your mustache or giving it a greasy appearance.


    Mismatched Mustache Style

    Selecting a mustache style that doesn't complement your face shape or features is another common pitfall. An unflattering style can detract from your best attributes. Research different styles and consult a professional barber to find the perfect mustache design for your unique facial structure.


    Read more: Things Not to Do When Trying to Grow a Beard


    Best Products for Styling Your Mustache

    When it comes to styling your mustache, using high-quality products is essential for achieving an impeccable look that lasts throughout the day. A well-groomed mustache not only enhances your appearance but also reflects your commitment to personal grooming. Several top-notch products on the market can help you achieve your desired mustache style, and Bossman Brand offers a range of options that cater to various needs and preferences.



    One standout product is Bossman's MUDstache Wax. This wax is a versatile option for mustache styling, providing a strong, all-day hold that keeps your facial hair in place. Made with natural ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, MUDstache Wax nourishes and conditions your mustache while offering a superior grip.


    Beard Oil

    Another excellent choice for mustache styling is Bossman's Jelly Beard Oil. This innovative product features a unique jelly-like consistency that offers increased viscosity compared to traditional beard oils.

    As a result, it provides better coverage and longer-lasting hydration for your mustache, ensuring a soft and healthy appearance. The Jelly Beard Oil is available in a variety of scents, allowing you to choose one that best complements your style and preferences.


    All-in-One Soap

    To keep your mustache clean and fresh, consider incorporating Bossman's Beard, Hair & Body Soap into your grooming routine. This all-in-one soap is designed to cleanse and moisturize your facial hair without stripping away its natural oils. Its unique formula, containing organic oils and shea butter, ensures your mustache stays soft, smooth, and ready for styling.


    High-Quality Comb

    Finally, a high-quality comb is indispensable for mustache grooming. Bossman's Hand-Crafted Beard Comb is an excellent option, as its teeth are specifically designed to glide through your facial hair without causing damage or breakage. This comb enables you to distribute styling products evenly and helps maintain your mustache's shape throughout the day.


    In Conclusion

    To wrap it up, mastering the art of mustache styling is not only a fulfilling experience but also a way to express your unique personality. This ultimate guide has provided valuable insights and tips to help you achieve that perfect mustache style, from understanding the importance of choosing the right tools and products to learn various styling techniques.

    With patience, practice, and dedication, you can confidently showcase your well-groomed mustache, turning heads and making a lasting impression wherever you go.


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