We’ve all been there before, whether by consequence, necessity or just for comfort… the time has come to trim your beard. No one will quite understand the attachment you have with yours because everyone’s time, patience and effort is different; but nonetheless this beard is yours. The thought of cutting is scary enough, but the worst case scenarios plague you the most. We’ve all had that bad haircut or bad shave that still haunts us to this day. Inspired by true events that may be Kinda sort of exaggerated, watch as Stephen vividly remembers his horrendous encounter with the Trim Reaper creating a Beard Massacre. Find out how Stephen overcame his beard trimming demons and was rescued by the Beard Boss who made his beard tight for the summer.

If the nightmare is still too scary for you then by all means consult a beard trimming professional, our friends at Finley’s will save the day. Or just keep it and shop Bossman for all your Beard Care needs!

Enjoy! MwaHahahahaha

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