Mustache Wax by Bossman Brands: MUDstache Training Wax


Your Mustache Will Never Be The Same

MUDstache™ Training Wax Introduction and Educational video featuring Bossman Brands founder Stephen Condon. This video introduces the Mustache Wax Care Product and gives tips on how to train your mustache properly. Also Stephen introduces everyone to the wooden Bossman Mustache Training Comb.


mustache wax



Take Your Mustache to the Next Level

Get your Bossman Mustache Comb and your new mustache wax to ensure your stache stays looking bad arse. Make sure to check out the video above or directions below for tips on how to apply MUDstache and comb it out for the best use.

MUDStache™ is a water-based, EASY applying mustache training wax.This is a LIGHT weight MUD™ that goes on super soft, but molds to the mustache hairs for 24 hours to create the perfect recipe for training the stache out of the mouth, while keeping that natural look.
Directions: Rub a small amount in between finders. Apply to entire mustache starting from middle to the ends. Use Bossman’s Mustache Comb for desired look. For best results, train throughout the day.
Acvtive Ingredients: Lanolin, Beeswax, Carnuba Wax, Caramel, Coconut Oil.
Hammer scent: Lavender, Vanilla, Geranium.

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