Further proof that beards are here to stay…

Mountain Dew has launched a major advertising campaign for its newest product, Mountain Dewshine, it’s take on a non-alcoholic moonshine with a twist. In this campaign, called “Let your beard down”, Rich Brown wanted to feature some of the burliest beards to set the tone for this new exciting product. All aboard the BEARDwagon!


The Beards

Featured among a few of the Austin Facial Hair Club’s fiercest is Bossman Brands Founder Stephen Condon in one of 4 shorts released for the campaign.

Lumber Jack




The Welder


Ain’t no fad

Equally refreshing as their drinks is a major company like Mountain Dew getting behind the beards, proving that they’re not just a trend. Wanting to portray this campaign in a timeless and manly light, Mountain Dew chose beards to represent that vision; The choice to use thick, groomed and long beards to represent their product bucks the notion that the fad is ending or even simply that beards are a fad. Get on the BEARDwagon or get out of the way!

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