Finding the Best Beard Trimmer

When you are shopping for the best beard trimmer you will find many brands and models to choose from. If you speak to your fellow Bossmen or with your barber, you may find conflicting views on different brands. The Bossman team is here to help!

Some key factors that you may have in mind when shopping for a beard trimmer include the cost, brand, whether the product is battery powered or corded, speeds offered by the trimmer, and the settings in terms of beard lengths.

Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer for You

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Shopping online for a beard trimmer offers many advantages. Not only can you compare different brands and models according to the features that they offer, but you can also read beard trimmer reviews. The more information you can gather on the product that you like, the better. This way you can make an informed choice.


While cost is an important factor that will influence your decision, it should not be the most important. You can buy a great beard trimmer for a little less than $50. There are some excellent brands for you to consider and these include Wahl, Philips and Panasonic.

Powered Vs Corded

A battery powered trimmer can be used virtually anywhere, as long as the battery is charged. It would be a good idea to choose a trimmer that offers an indicator for the charge level. This way you will know when to charge the trimmer. The corded trimmer restricts your usage, as you will have to be close to a power outlet in order to use it.

Different Speeds and Lengths

It would be a good idea to buy a beard trimmer that offers several speeds on which it could be used. Similarly a product that can be used on beards of different lengths can make trimming a beard quite easy and efficient. Such a product is useful irrespective of the length of the beard and the styles you will want to try. You could use it to create a beard stubble as easily as you could to trim a long beard.

More than Facial Hair?

A very important question that you need to ask yourself is if you will use the trimmer only for facial hair or use it to trim hair on your arms and legs. Depending on the answer, you will need to choose a product. Some brands offer beard trimmers with interchangeable guides.

Buying the best beard trimmer is all about first understanding what ‘you’ expect of the product. Once you have decided on the parameters that are the most important to you, you can choose the best product for you.

There are many beard styles for the Boss. You may like to choose one based on your facial hair growth or the look you wish to achieve. A good beard trimmer can help you groom your beard well. Your beard should feel soft and manageable, and not coarse and rough. Do remember to use beard shampoo and soap, beard oil, and best beard balm to care for the beard and the skin as well.

We’re especially fond of our brothers at Remington with their like named product, Beard Boss. We’d like to hear what our fellow Bossmen think of their beard trimmers. Do you have a favorite one?