When it comes to being a bearded man, clothes can be key to achieving the desired effect when attending different events. Whether it be a date, a business meeting or family get together; there are ways to always put your best beard forward. Your beard has become your number 1 accessory, ties have become irrelevant… We’ve heard it before from our moms, our significant others or coworkers “are you going to shave?” when it comes time for an event. Well let’s show you how to really rock it out, here are a few cuts of shirts and jackets that perfectly mimic the beards shape and or create negative space allowing your beard to be highlighted without being aggressive. This is key, especially for you big bearded dudes

The T-Shirts (V-neck and U-Neck)

First, is simply the t-shirt. It’s a staple of any man’s wardrobe. It’s comfortable and easy, but for the bearded man there are a few catches that will help you out. When it comes to tees, try to stick with plain, pocket logos or only logos on the back. This helps take attention away from your massive beard and make it less daunting. Your massive mane covering up a logo may be a badge of honor to us; but may just draw attention to size for others. You are more than just your beard and approachability is the name of the game.

The V-neck. This shirt makes for an essential casual go to for any bearded man, it’s light, comfortable and creates just enough negative space for your beard to breathe. Having a few of these in different solid colors is an easy way to set up your wardrobe for any occasions. As we talk about it later, you can layer these with just about anything to transition from day with the boys to night on the town. 

image1The V-Neck

Next is the U-neck shirt. This one is the more aggressive cousin of the V and acts in a very similar fashion. Given that it has a deeper neck line it’s great for some of the bigger beards but should definitely be reserved for more casual outings. Again a few of these in a couple different colors and the possibilities are endless. Depending on the season, the tank top will also fall in this category, suns out guns out?


The U-Neck/ Tank Top

The Oxford

The third staple of any bearded man’s wardrobe should be Oxford cut dress shirts. This seems like a silly specification but hear me out, The Oxford style has the buttons on the collar that keep your collar both standing and folded neatly. Now that you’ve taken your beard to a new level I’m sure you’ve found it difficult and a little unnecessary to wear a tie, the Oxford is the perfect fix. While still allowing you to achieve a dressed up look for your more professional or formal occasions, you will still be able to have a comfortable feel that frames your beard and allows it to breathe. I’m sure some of you guys out there have also found that with the beard and collared shirt combo you one, end up “fluffing” your beard from the constant rubbing against the collar and two end up with a mashed down, 70’s disco looking collar. Not anymore! Also with the Oxford collar you can take it down an extra button once you get to a more relaxed environment. The Oxford shirt makes for a great look on its own or paired with the right sport coat and pocket square.

suit by Nordstrom’s shirt by JC Penny’s haircut by Finley’s


The Oxford Shirt

The Sport Coat

Speaking of sport coat… this is the next essential for any bearded man, as I stated earlier ties are a bit of a nuisance for us so the right coat can help you set off that dressy look without having to put that damn tie on. Anyone knows it’s totally worth the money to get a coat or two that are tailored and fit you just right. Any man in any shape looks good in a tailored coat, that “one size fits all look” is the reason most guys avoid them. Once you’ve found that one coat, it can really be your go to. Throw it on over a nice V-neck with a pocket square and you are ready for a date, that meeting or any night out. Try it over an Oxford with a scarf and no one will even realize you’re not wearing a tie.11943380_1136445753038576_1061107604_n

The Sport Coat

The Cardigan

Now, I know not all events call for a sport coat feel but some weather still permits a layered wardrobe so the next thing a bearded man needs in his arsenal is a few nice cardigans. Ha, now I know some of you are saying this outfit screams “beat me up and take my lunch money” but I’d challenge you to try it out. Like all the afore mentioned clothes the cardigan lends itself to diversity and also, say it with me.. frames the beard nicely. It’s perfect for guys of all sizes because they usually fit snug in the shoulders and loose around the stomach making every dude look good in them. Cardigans work best with a V-neck but can be dressed up with an Oxford, it just depends on the collar of the cardigan. The cardigan will be perfect for some dates, family get togethers or even causal Friday. 11924676_1136445763038575_971300766_n  The Cardigan

In Summary

The idea again for choosing the right cuts are to ENHANCE your beard, accentuate it and create a look that lets people see you and not just the beard. I know when it comes to professionalism, formal outings and dating some guys feel the need to tame or cut their beards, this doesn’t have to be the case. As long as it’s well groomed and maintained all you need is the right outfit to go with it and the rest will take care of itself.

…or you could just say the hell with it and go no shirt. You’re your own man.

“Man-ifest your destiny” –Stephen Condon, Founder of Bossman Brands

Written by: Joshua Pena

Stephen Condon -CEO
Joshua Pena- Vice President of Operations
Richard Van Der Dussen- Bossman Brotherhood

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