It’s that time of year again! Halloween is right around the corner. We put together a list of the best bearded costumes for Halloween!

1. Forest Gump “I just kept running and running.”
forest gump costume
image via Pinterest

Forest Gump is a legend. This costume would be amazing. If you pull this off, be sure to send us a pic.

2. The Lumberjack 
image via the Clymb

Lumberjack is an easy costume to do. You might already dress like this on a daily basis. Jack head to your local lumber store and grab an axe (or maybe just a plastic fake one will do.)

3. Alan from The Hangover
alan from the hangover
image via Dailymail

This is a hilarious one. We’ve seen this one done before but if you have a nice gut, you’d be able to pull this one off graciously.

4. Duck Dynasty
duck dynasty
image via Alternativeconsumer

Here’s another easy costume. Just grab your favorite pair of camo pants, a t shirt, bandanna, and a duck call from your local outdoors store and you’re good to go!

5. Macho Man Randy Savage
macho-man randy savage
image via beardcoach

If you step into the Halloween party dressed like this. You automatically win at life.

6. Wolverine
wolverine costume

In order to pull this costume off you better have some mean CHOPS!

Have a bearded costume you want to show off? Send it to us or tag us on Instagram and we will share your bearded costume! @BossmanBrands

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