So, you’ve decided to grow out your manly mane. Growing a beard is an excellent idea but where most men fall off is during the beard itch phase. It’s an unavoidable stage of beard growth but the good news is it’s temporary.

We’ve put together a couple of tips to help you survive beard itch and once that hurdle is done with your beard journey becomes a bit easier. Don’t become the next guy who ended up shaving because he couldn’t make it through the itch.


What Causes Beard Itch?

Beard itch can be caused by a couple different things. Causes such as cleanliness, grooming, and your overall health can play a factor. The hairs growing through dry skin and external factors such as weather can also play a role.

One thing is certain though. Most of men experience beard itch. The severity can vary but we all get it in one form or the other.


5 Tips to Relieving Itchy Beard

Here are some useful tips to relieve beard itch:

1. Embrace Hygiene

beard itch

Keeping it clean might appear to be stating the obvious, but when we delve into it, it becomes clear how crucial it is. From dawn to dusk, our hair is subjected to a variety of environmental conditions that leave it oily and dirty, and our beards are not spared this fate. When your beard itches, an essential part of addressing the problem lies in regular cleansing. As such, adopt the habit of washing your beard with an anti-itch beard shampoo specifically formulated to soothe an itchy beard. Moreover, don't skip on a quality beard conditioner. They are designed to provide additional softness and manageability to your beard.

2. Do Temperate Showers

Everyone enjoys the relaxing sensation of hot showers. However, as soothing as they may be, hot showers are not always friendly to our beards. To mitigate the itch and discomfort, it's advisable to wash your beard in lukewarm to cool water. The reason? Hot water is notorious for drying out the skin and causing potential damage to your beard hair. A helpful tip is to start the shower at a temperature that is hot enough to produce steam, but when it comes to washing your beard, you should lower the temperature a bit.

3. Rinse Face with Cold Water

Upon stepping out of the shower, make it a habit to rinse your face with cold water. This simple trick will not only help you remove the remnants of soap and conditioner but also close your pores. Clogged pores are common culprits for various skin issues like acne, seborrheic eczema, pseudofolliculitis barbae, tinea barbae, and folliculitis. These conditions often lead to dandruff, irritation, and of course, that bothersome beard itch.

4. Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is an elixir for your beard, especially when it comes to relieving an itchy beard. It helps maintain the beard's hydration levels and leaves it feeling soft and manageable. In my personal experience, beard oil has proven to be the holy grail when it comes to stopping beard itch. Take, for instance, the Bossman Jelly Beard Oil, it's an excellent option to try out. The best times to apply your beard oil are after you have showered and rinsed your face with cold water. A little application before you head to bed can work wonders, and if you are exposed to harsh weather, a mid-day application is recommended.

5. Brush it Out

A beard comb or brush can be your ally in your battle against beard itch. Regular brushing helps evenly distribute the beard oil, ensuring it reaches the skin beneath the beard. It also grants your skin a gentle scratch, relieving some of that itchiness while maintaining your beard's uniformity and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, brushing helps exfoliate your beard area, removing dead skin cells, stray hairs, and alleviating itchiness.

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Beard Itch Maybe a Sign of an Underlying Health Condition

While maintaining good beard hygiene and care routines is crucial, some instances of beard itch may be linked to specific health conditions. If you find that your itchy beard persists despite your best efforts, it might be time to seek medically reviewed advice. Issues like seborrheic eczema, pseudofolliculitis barbae, tinea barbae, or lice could be the culprits behind your persistent beard itch.

Beard Products and Kits to Relieve Beard Itch

There is a wide array of products and kits available in the market designed specifically for beard care. These range from beard shampoos, conditioners, oils, combs, and brushes to complete grooming kits and accessories. The results found from using such products can greatly alleviate issues related to beard health and beauty. However, it's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines and check the advertising policy to ensure product quality and authenticity.



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    In conclusion, maintaining an itch-free beard involves a balance of good hygiene practices, using the right products, and monitoring your overall health. Regular medical check-ups can aid in identifying any underlying health conditions contributing to an itchy beard. As you embark on your beard-growing journey, remember that patience and consistent care are your best allies.

    We hope you’ve picked up some tips you didn’t know that’ll help you out. Beard itch can be a tough thing to overcome for some guys and some of us fall victim to shaving it off. Then we get the idea to grow a beard again and start over from ground zero. Instead really give it your all and make it through the itch.


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