While we originally planned to have the final day of entries be April 30th, we've decided to extend the deadline for two reasons.

First, we want to give the Bossman community an extra month to get that beard looking even more badass. Secondly, due to the ongoing pandemic, we understand that some of your plans have been altered.

Knowing this, we've decided to extend our search through May 31st to give you more time to adjust and submit the best entry possible.

As part of a major brand refresh in 2020, we're looking for a new ambassador to represent Bossman Brands in our advertising and social media efforts.

We want this new Boss to be the embodiment of everything that makes men great. Things like honesty, integrity, and the spirit of adventure.

One lucky winner will receive an all expense paid trip to Bossman HQ in Austin, Texas where he will sign a one-year ambassador contract with Bossman Brands. His image will be used in photos, videos, and and other ads for Bossman Brands all year long.

And because the new Boss needs to look his best, the winner will also receive a year's supply of everything Bossman makes.

Finally, because no Boss should work for free, we're going to give the winner $10,000* in cold, hard, cash.

If you think you have what it takes to Be Your Own Boss, just follow these
simple instructions:

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PRO TIP: Many of you might already be ironing your best red flannel and sharpening your axe in anticipation for your entry. While we do love a good lumberjack, we're not necessarily looking for another woodsman. We're looking for a REAL-LOOKING man, with a real GOOD-LOOKING beard.